RFW Championships 2016


This is the first annual RFW Championships. With Martin stating that RMCT as an organization is done we are looking forward to what will be the premiere consistent RFW tournament scene. We are setting up this tournament series to be an annual event, happening every summer. Hopefully, with more events throughout the year as we begin to mature as RMCT did in the past.

For this event, seeding will be affected by RMCT 5, Artilea, and Penumbra. In the future only events from this tournament onward will affect both seeding and bracket invites for RFW Championships to come.

Tournament Format

The RFW Championships will be an open group stage capable of handling any number of team sign-ups. For the first time a RFW tournament is not first come first in, everyone that signs up will be able to play.

The first stage of the tournament will be a group stage that narrows the pool down to eight teams for a single elimination tournament ending with a Bo3 finals. Groups will be adjusted as needed to accommodate all teams. The groups stages will last for one month, with a week break before the start of the bracket stage. The group stage map selections process will be identical to the pro CS:GO map selection process. There will be a pool of 7 maps, each team will take turns banning maps until each team has banned 2 maps. The played map will be a random selection from the remaining 3 maps, this will be done before every group stage match, be sure that you are well practiced on all group stage maps for complete preparedness.


Sign-ups are now open. Please be sure to include the team name and the captains Skype name.

Here is the sign-up document.

Special note for the sign-ups, if any semi-finalist from RMCT 5 signs up they will be given the option to progress directly to the bracket stage as a direct invite. This list includes Rush, Lithium, iMpaKT, and California Gurlzz. If any of these teams choose to return to defend their “title” they must adhere to a couple requirements. First they must use the same team name, secondly they must have at least four members from their RMCT 5 roster returning, the other two players can be new however.

Tournament Schedule

Group stage matches will be played when teams and referees are available. Only a few of the group stage matches will be streamed as streamer availability allows.

Bracket stage matches will be played on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays; all of these matches will be streamed.

As teams sign up your captain will be sent an availability sheet that they can fill out so that we can schedule the group stage matches in July.

Sign-ups: June 1st - June 30th Group Stages: July 1st - July 31st Bracket Stages: TBD (Between August and September)

Additional Information and Rules

Maximum roster size will be 6 with a minimum size of 4. If you do opt for a roster less than 6, then make sure your members have time to participate. No alternate accounts may be on the same team or any other team. If you are caught using an alternate account, both teams will be DQ’d from the tournament. Alternatively, players may not play on accounts that are not their alts, but, they are merely temporarily using for that specific match.

The RFW Championships will use Standard Ruleset v3.0 Please note that the organizers have the final say in all matters, but we will follow the ruleset as strictly as possible.

The RFW Championships have dedicated tournament servers. A mumble server for the tournament games will also be provided. Mumble is required to participate in the tournament.

Both the mumble and minecraft IPs will be given out once teams are selected. Individual team practice servers are not being provided, rather ded1.parkervcp.com (updated IP coming soon) will be available to all teams to use. You can also set-up the plugin we use to run the tournament on your own server.

Groups will be chosen at the discretion of the organizers. We will look at each team’s results in previous RFW events and attempt to make each group roughly the same strength.

In Group Stages, head-to-head record will be used to break ties. In the event that teams are still tied, we will look at Number of Wool Touches Allowed. This is defined as the total number of objectives that a team’s opponents have touched throughout the Group Stage. The team who has a lower Number of Wool Touches Allowed will be ranked higher.

Group Stage Map Pool

Twisted Ruins, Elemental, Inferno, Buzzard, Candy Land, Precession, Norway

Download links are available here.

If you wish to set up your own server for practicing here is our AutoReferee plugin.

At the end of the group stages the bracket maps will be announced, stay tuned!


Our community does not own Race for Wool (RFW), RFW was created by Vechs as a competitive game mode within Minecraft. We simply exist to facility high level competitive matches on RFW maps and help other experience the game type.

If you are interested in getting into RFW please feel free to contact any community members and we will help you join pick-up matches, access servers, or help get our Auto Referee plug-in set-up for your server to play with your friends.

The server listed above can also be used for casual matches with your friends to test the waters in RFW if you do not have access to your own server.

Stay Tuned

We currently have a new website and forum in the works, that should hopefully have a basic working version up soon!